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EPYLLION GROUP is a strong believer that the best people should rise through the organisation, helping EPYLLION GROUP build on its already stellar reputation. If you have the drive to succeed and the urge to learn, this is the place for you. Employees are given training opportunities to ensure they can be the best in everything they do. Our learning & development centre offers staff a chance to hone old skills or build new ones. After all, when you learn and apply your knowledge, everyone benefits. With our company's rapid expansion, there will constantly be new career opportunities to help the Garment, Textile and Real Estate manages its incredible growth. 


Training & Development

Epyllion Group believes a company is only as good as its people, and its goal is to have the best. We focus on recruiting and retaining exceptional people. Continuing development benefits not only our employees, but also our clients because it keeps us at the leading edge of changing technologies and regulatory. In order to ensure quality service and product to our clients, some of the internal programs are required for employees to advance into higher-level positions. Specific technical training is also provided to keep our associates up-to-date. In addition to internal training, employees may also attend external training programs to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

Our Internal training covers these areas:

Business Excellency Development
Strategic Skills Development
Management Skills
Quality Assurance
Health and Safety

For external training program, employees are asked to work closely with their supervisors to determine which courses will be of greatest benefit to both the employee and Epyllion.

Employee Benefits

Epyllion Group continually evaluates and reviews its employee benefits to ensure that benefits are competitive and in line with our employees needs. Employee benefits include:

  • Market competitive remuneration package and annual cash bonuses. 
  • Health plan and routine medical allowance including optical and dental treatment. 
  • Short and long-term disability coverage, as well as life insurance. 
  • Paid leave for marriage, maternity, sickness and vacation. 
  • Staff banking privileges, including special interest rates for personal loans.
  • An active Sports and Social Club. 
  • Development opportunities and career support. 
  • Resident / Quarter facilities.
  • Transport facilities for far living employees.

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