In the era of Fast Fashion, ability to change is the single most important element for any global business entity to stay competitive. Epyllion realizes that this fast fashionalso needs to be sustainably sustainable. Therefore, Management shapes and reshapes itself constantly to meet the global need and encourages everyone to encourage, trigger and adopt change within the framework of sustainability. Our source of power is our manpower. So, we carefully plug-in this manpower with necessary inputs so that they act even faster in this fast-changing world. They become more and more comp etitive, reflexive to the need of changes and cater to the buyer and partner's need, thus pushing forward themselves and Epyllion always a step ahead in competition.

Turning into possibilities

Sharing and caring is a culture of Epyllion. It is practiced and felt by both top-down and bottom-up channels. From the executives, Board of Members to the hand that operates machines on the floor all share the same vision. With the same inner spirit they strive to turn all impossibilities into possibility.

Epyllion states for quality in everything and believes that any achievement with quality is never easy earned. So they reward exaltedly anything that is achieved following high quality standard. It aims and works for building quality as'an in-built culture' so that people when talk, think or do, it is all within the standard quality.

The core resources behind

Management Committee (MANCOM)

The Board of Directors and MANCOM (Management Committee) run the overall management of the group. The major function of the MANCOM is to plan, forecast and execute the business plan of the group. The MANCOM is also responsible to devise strategy and review implementations of those plans. They also keep their eyes on integrity, ethical aspect and overall management of both corporate and sub business units.

The business is run by teams and departments that work to achievethe common goal through different role with collaboration and calibration. These teams are:

  • HR, Admin & CSR Team
  • Business Planning Team
  • Central Planning Team
  • R&D and Design Team
  • Marketing & Merchandising Team
  • Supply Chain Team
  • Operation Team
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Industrial Engineering Team
  • Finance & Accounts Team
  • Commercial Team
  • Engineering Team
  • Inventory Management Team
  • Assurance (Internal Audit) Team
  • Cost Management Team
  • ICT (Information and Communication) and IP (Intellectual Property) Team
  • Learning and Development Team

Every individual

Every human being has immense potential. Epyllion will be the platform for this potential to get unleashed and their innovations & creativity to get flourished. Every employee will stand tall above all in pride. They will be a lead to change for future, and themselves will be the future for Epyllion. Together they will form an exquisite Leadership Team.