Dekko Knitwears Limited
Mirpur, inside the heart and capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, is where the ballad of Epyllion Group had begun. In the year 1994 Dekko Knitwears Limited (DKL) began operations with a workforce of 200 employees and 2 lines. Those figures now stand at over 1,000 employees and 12 lines. Although the original location of DKL has been shifted, it still resides in Mirpur standing tall next to EKWL.

Epyllion Knitwears Limited
Epyllion Knitwears Limited (EKWL) added to the verses of the epyllion in the year 2004. Mustering a total of 19 lines manned by over 1,600 employees, EKWL contributes to the capacity of the group and provides products whose quality reflects the very excellence of Epyllion Group.

Epyllion Style Limited
Epyllion Style Limited (ESL) marked the expansion of the garment unit into Gazipur. In the year of 2006 ESL added 49 lines into the capacity of Epyllion Group and started to gain a trustworthy status in the eyes of its customer list .
A crown jewel of ESL is the Green Complex which allows us to elevate the environmental status by optimizing resource usage. A noticeboard can be found outside the building which shows the aimed conservation comparing the energy savings achieved till date.
Since its inception ESL has expanded into ESL Extension with 14 lines of additional capacity, sharing premises with Epyllion Textile unit.

Dazzling Dresses Limited
Dazzling Dresses Limited (DDL) started operations in the year of 2006. Located in Dakhin Khan of Uttara in the capital city it brought 18 lines into the equation of capacity of Epyllion Group. DDL serves our customer list with a workforce of over 1,400 employees. DDL holds certificates from SEDEX, BSCI, and Accord.

Epyllion Knitwears Limited – HW
Epyllion Knitwears Limited – HW (EKWL HW) is the crown jewel of Epyllion Group. The vision was turned into reality in the year of 2021 when EKWL HW started its operations in Madanpur, Narayanganj with an astounding 50 lines.
Textile Unit
The textile unit of Epyllion Group is nestled in Banglabazar, Gazipur. The same premises houses the two strategic business units of EKL and EFL. Furthermore, EWL and ETLL have been built with in the Textile unit of Epyllion.


Epyllion Knitex Limited
Epyllion Knitex Limited (EKL) came to life in the year of 2003 with the vision of building a strong backward linkage into the world of apparels. EKL carries out knitting, dyeing, and finishing of fabrics

Epyllion Fabrics Limited
Epyllion Fabrics Limited (EFL) came to life in the year 2006 to strengthen the backward linkage support to our vertical business setup. EFL carries out knitting, dyeing, finishing, and yarn dyeing within its premises.


Epyllion Limited
Epyllion Limited (EPL) from an idea turned in to an industry leader. Located in Kutubpur, a few meters from the banks of the beautiful Shitalakhya river EPL started its journey in 2000. EPL with its wide array of garment accessories feeds the demand of in-house and outside buyers all the same. An impressive arsenal of machines work two shifts a day in accordance to the demand load laid out to ensure optimization and efficiency. A state-of-the-art factory supports the backward linkage of Epyllion Group to establish its vertically set up empire.


Epyllion Testing Lab Limited
The Epyllion Group is always on the pounce to ensnare new opportunities, and in the year 2012 Epyllion Testing Lab Limited (ETLL) began its operations independently. ETLL’s main objective lies in ensuring quality parameters through vigorous physical and chemical testing of fabric and garments. In addition to serving the needs of the other SBUs of Epyllion Group, ETLL has an impressive customer list consisting of external parties.
Located within the premises of the Textile unit, ETLL provides services such as Dimensional Stability & Related Tests, Performance Test, Color Fastness Test, and Yarn Analysis Test

Epyllion Packing Testing Lab
Epyllion Packaging Testing Lab (EPTL) was a welcome addition to the accessories unit located in Kutubpur and helped transform it into a technically enriched accessories hub to serve our customers. The creation of EPTL has eased the efforts to satisfy the stakeholders of Epyllion Group by setting and achieving a new benchmark in global quality and standard. EPTL aims to acquire all necessary credentials and accreditations to establish itself as an ultimate solution to build unique performance through high quality standards.


Epyllion Washing Limited (EWL)
In the year 2008, the premises of the Textile unit saw the inauguration of an additional jewel in the crown of Epyllion Group in the form of Epyllion Washing Limited (EWL). EWL has strengthened the backward linkage of the group through introduction of its wet processing unit. Efficiency is ensured by the capital investment on specialized machinery and the human spirit driving the operations of EWL. EWL provides a wide array of wash services of fabric and garments to both in-house parties and outside customers.


In the year of 2015 Sailor took to the streets of Bangladesh as an eminent lifestyle brand in the retail fashion industry with the purpose of ‘Sailing life’. As a fashion brand, Sailor is renowned for its unique style and variety of collections. We crafted our fashionable attires & accessories for all age ranges who believe themselves to stand out with their unique fashion sense and style statement.Sailor celebrates all festivals and seasons with an extraordinary collection of products that are designed in-house as we have one of the largest design teams to deliver a fabulous new fashion every season. Sailor provides discounts to member of the Epyllion team, however the id card must be presented to avail this offer.


Epyllion Food & Beverage Limited 2013
Epyllion Food & Beverage Limited (EFBL) started its journey in the year 2013. We strongly believe in sustainability of our business units, as an extension to this thought we believe in the sustenance of our workforce to enhance the Human Spirit. Epytoast outlets can be found in the corporate office at Nina Kabbo and in EKWL HW, offering wholesome quality food.

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Corporate Address

227/A Tejgaon-Gulshan Link Road
Postal Code: 1208, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
227/A Tejgaon-Gulshan Link Road Postal Code: 1208, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Corporate Directory of Sister Concerns
  • Dekko Knitwear Limited (DKL)
    Garments Unit at Mirpur
  • Epyllion Knitwear Limited (EKWL)
    Garments Unit at Mirpur and Madanpur
  • Epyllion Style Limited (ESL)
    Garments Unit at Gazipur
  • Dazzling Dresses Limited (DDL)
    Garments Unit at Uttara
  • Epyllion Knitex Limited (EKL)
    Textile Unit at Gazipur
  • Epyllion Fabric Limited (EFL)
    Textile unit at Gazipur
  • Epyllion Limited (EPL)
    Accessory Unit at Kutubpur & C&F unit at Chittagong
  • Epyllion Limited (EPL)
    C&F unit at Chittagong
  • Epyllion Washing Limited (EWL)
    Washing unit at Gazipur
  • Epyllion Testing Lab Ltd. (ETLL)
    Laboratory testing unit at Gazipur
  • Nina Holdings Limited (NHL)
    Real Estate Unit at Gulshan