Derived from the old French word compli, the word ‘comply’ refers to acting in accordance to the will or desire of another entity. However, compliance in the mind of Epyllion Group is much more of an internal aspect than an external aspect. We believe in compliance for our own good through our own actions. Our business practices rest on two pillars strongly etched into the core of Epyllion Group, sustainability, and ethics. Both of these core values factors into the act of compliance, which in return is important to elevate our credibility in the eyes of our stakeholders.

“In accordance with the Epyllion Group vision, the Compliance team is focused on ensuring adherence to applicable, regulations, codes, policies, and procedures. We are committed to protect our environment by reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations. We have set our environmental strategies consistent with the global Net Zero goal and we strive to reduce natural resource consumption by adopting leading-edge technologies. We have a strong compliance governance system to assist the implementation and enhancement of internal controls and to support an ethical work environment to effectively contribute to the pursuit of the group mission.”

Facility certification


Product certification


Core Achievement
2nd Social and Environmental
Excellence Award
Epyllion Style Limited
is announced as the "Eco Factory" by Marks & Spencer
LEED (Gold) certification for
Epyllion Style Limited Green Complex
Recognition for successful integration
of the guidelines of ISO 26000 for Epyllion Style Limited.
Received Recognition letter from Accord on Fire & building safety for
Dazzling Dresses Limited
Achieved Supplier Ownership
Program certificate
from C&A
Occupational Health & Safety award from the Ministry
of Labor & Employment
for best health & safety program.
Received Recognition letter from Accord on Fire & building safety for
Epyllion Knitwears Limited
Received Recognition letter from Accord on Fire & building safety for
Epyllion Knitex Limited
Achieved Target Australia Sustainability
Award 2022
by Target Australia
LEED (Gold) certification for
Epyllion Knitwears Limited (HW)

Rewards and recognition

  • Marks & Spencer (M&S) recognizes the contribution of the Financial Planning Team of Epyllion Group for the partnership with M&S on documentary collections pilot project in Bangladesh.
  • Epyllion Group achieved the “SuperBrand Bangladesh” Status for two year period (2018-20)
  • Epyllion Group achieved the “SuperBrand Bangladesh” Status for two year period (2018-20)
  • Recognized SEDEX Award 2019 for Best Health and Safety Program in March 2019.
  • Managing Director of Epyllion Group received third time CIP- Commercially Important Person (Export) award -2016
  • Epyllion Group has been recognized as one of the most outstanding Super brands on its field for 2018-2020.
  • CSR Contributor Award by Rotary Club Uttara in 2018.
  • 6th Standard Chartered Financial Express CSR Award in 2016
  • 5th HSBC Export Excellence Award in 2014
  • BDJOBS.COM Best Employer Award 2014
  • 2nd Social and Environmental Excellence Award in 2014
  • Annual CSR Award 2014
  • Honorary Award from BSPA (Bangladesh Sports Press Association) 2014 to the Managing Director of Epyllion Group
  • Managing Director of Epyllion Group is announced as CIP (2008 and 2012)
  • Best Supplier Award from C&A in 2004


Environmental Commitment
Water is basic necessity of life used for many purposes one of which is industrial use. At Industry level ETP is mandatory because the waste water is harmful for earth if it not treated properly before discharging. In connection to water treatment, Epyllion first introduced 'MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor Technology)' project in Bangladesh. Around 7,440 M3/ day equivalent to around 2 million gallons/ day water is being treated here. It was a remarkable decision made by the Management in 2014 which demanded massive investment but is essential for the society, ecosystem and next generation. Our waste water treatment facility is simply unparallel in our country till today and aiming to go to the next level by 2022 by following ZDHC norms. Mentionable that, the sludge of ETP is used as fertilizer which is entirely environment friendly and free from any harmful substances. Besides, direct offsetting of CO2 plant express the strong commitment of Epyllion. Moreover, onthe "energy recollection and recycling" we put our self-one step ahead by producing 100 m3 hot water using in dyeing process with a system called condensation Economizer from the exhaust of Boilers & Generators. Which is remarkable in energy saving venture.

Fair price shop

Epyllion Group, one of the country's leading organisation has set up Fair Price Shops, named RENU at all factories across the country for their workers as a part of their CSR activities. More than 22,000 garment workers buy their daily necessities at a price less than that of the market from the fair shop 'RENU'. As workers may not have cash in their hands all the time, they can buy products from RENU on credit. A worker has to fill up a requisition form and submit it to the shop in the morning. The shopkeepers will make the things ready in a packet. The workers can collect the packet during the break or after their shift is over. The bills are adjusted with their salaries. There are no wholesalers or distributors in the supply chain, so, we can sell the products at a lower price than the maximum retail price. Workers can buy our products at 5 to 20 percent lower prices than the MRP. They get the chance of buying high-quality products at a cheaper price. Another benefit of the initiative is that workers do not have to go to the market frequently as they can get those in their working place. It saves time. The fair price shop RENU has been recognised by Business Call to Action under UN Global Compact.

Day care

Employee goodwill is inherent of Epyllion Group. It ranges from emotional and physical health to food, hygiene, state-of the art and Safe office space to taking care of their family members in many aspects. Epyllion believes comfort and a free-flowing mind are important to contribute in an optimum level. Therefore it tries to take care of every issue of its employees so that they can engage in business in an open mind. In the end we are all bound by fellow feelings and emotions.