Febric R&D

Research & Development (R&D): Research always works to identify and invent something new which can be made human life easier and benefitted. On the other hand, development works to modify newly born product, making it more fruitful and attractive in use. From the two crucial definitions of Research and Development we got the department which is known as R&D shortly. It is considered as the first stage of developing a product under any organization and their goal is to include new goods and quality in their products gallery.

R&D is a vital department for any organization and textile industry. It plays a crucial role on building a qualified industrial product image. Through their quality support, to the marketing team, indirectly they work to make a brand value in the market. The R&D technologist teams firstly find out the requirement of buyer from their samples collected by marketing team and match it with their already developed samples. Further if needed not matched with the existing ones, they adjust some of the parameters of the existing samples to match with that given sample, create a new style.

Research and development (R&D) team always keep an eye on the current market trend, try to forecast the upcoming market demands. Also they follow different well-established company policies of innovation and develop new products with as per their tastes.

Innovation and R&D