Keen Hand for Educational Assistance (KHEA)
Read. Lead. Succeed

Creating a brighter future through ensuring Education. KHEA is to break the cycle of poverty through education. Through a series of merit-based testing systems, we hand-pick a group of meritorious students in need of financial support all over Bangladesh each year, providing them with scholarships throughout their primary secondary, and higher education. Each student receives additional skill-based training and networking opportunities through our monthly Corporate Mentorship system, they undergo training sessions, visit to offices, and participate in volunteer activities designed to guide them towards a successful career and active citizenship.

Measurable outcome
students have received KHEA Scholarship


Reaz Public School
Epyllion Foundation has established Reaz Public School at Nobiganj, Narayanganj for building community through investing in creative quality education. This educational institution aims to offer a positive learning environment where students will experience the freedom of education and explore their innate talent. Currently, Reaz Public School is nurturing 144 students from elementary to class five. Academic plans, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are designed to create a passion for learning.

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KHEA Academy
KHEA Academy is a Learning platform for KHEA students, junior Epyllion Group, and members of Epyllion Family. KHEA Academy offers skill development opportunities led by teaching volunteers from across boundaries. First phase of KHEA Academy is offering courses in spoken English, Microsoft Office, computer programming, website development.