Sailor-Green Savers Plant for Planet
Planting Environmental Responsibility within our Child.
Project plant for planet aims to plant awareness and a sense of responsibility towards the environment among our school-going children. Under this project we organize a day-long workshop targeting a school and students create a school garden by planting trees in plastic drums. Students paint on the tree container and write their name, class, and roll on the container which creates ownership of that plant and they become responsible for nurturing that plant.

Measurable outcomes
Schools participated in creating recycles school gardens and
2,090plants have planted

students and teachers directly participated Plant for Planet workshop

plastic recycles

Reached more than
50,000students and2,000teachers

Project Oxygen
One of the simplest but most important tasks we can do for the earth is planting trees Creating green environment is the basis for ensuring sustainable living. At Epyllion Group we have been planting more and more trees for long while doing so the question came is our mind, is that enough just planting or we could do more. Eventually, that question has led us to Project Oxygen. Project Oxygen aims for taking under the tagging system of all trees we have so far. This tag will include information about each tree-like, name, scientific name, family, origin, genus, species, expected life expectancy, and benefits. Project oxygen will monitor over sustainable growth of trees that have been planted so far and ensure protocol for removing any tree. Project oxygen also aims for calculating statistical statements of oxygen production and positive impacts of our trees in the long run.

Sustainability - Project Sustainable practice (SP)
Project Sustainable Practice has designed to introduce to sustainable waste management strategy. Project is working on mapping waste generation, and root causes analysis and introducesa strategic plan for reducing and managing waste in a more sustainable way.