Joy of giving

We are consistently among the first to respond to disasters around Bangladesh. Highly regarded for our scalable response and distribution model, we utilize our resources, manufacturing capacity, supplier contacts and a highly-trained team of CSR staff and volunteers to respond to disasters quickly and effectively.
Human Spirit Against Covid 19 2020 was a challenging and unprecedented time for industries across the world.
Our trained team prepared to provide medical, infrastructural and relief support right before lockdowns and the pandemic hit the country and had a widescale impact through our rapid response. Our target was to set up immediate response in the most densely packed areas and medical front-line workers, including safety preparation for our employees, importing protective gear from our contacts, and be the first to respond before lockdowns hit.
starting March 2020, our team partnered with non-profits, organizations, Bangladesh Army, RAB and local government bodies to distribute over 75,000 PPEs, which were dangerously low, to 19+ hospitals in 10 districts. Awareness campaigns, including miking and posters went week-long, using local dialects. 50,000+ families, including 70 at-risk athletes, received financial aid, and 7,000+ bags of groceries were distributed to informal sector workers in Narayanganj and Gazipur.
Human Spirit Against Covid 19 Saving community Human Spirit Against Covid - 19 Pandemic taught us the complexity and interdependency of our social and economic entities. Solo existence and wellbeing thoughts are changing as we have realized how fragile our foundation could be if we ignore coexistence. As a private entity action, we have taken to defend pandemic might be tinny but we interns of our efforts against effectiveness was massive.
Taking care of our neighbor STANDING beside underprivileged community during lockdown. Due to covid -19 we have experienced economic downfall which adversely affected underprivileged communities in urban areas. Food crisis increased during a series of lockdowns. Starting from covid -19 our CSR team reached thousands of families with food support whose income puts in threat due to lockdown. Through our stakeholders 10 taker school, Bangladesh while chair cricket association and JAGO foundation, and Narayanganj community volunteer our food support reached to more than three thousand families
Protecting Covid - 19 Fighters To mitigate the PPE crisis during the beginning phase of Covid - 19 first challenge our nation faces is the shortage of PPE. Epyllion took prompt action and as a private organization invested to import PPE. Epyllion CSR team reached 31 Government and private hospitals, journalists, police, and people who work in the frontline with 75 thousand PPE covering protective clothing, isolation gowns, eye protection glass, surgical mask, N-95 mask, inferred thermometer, hand Gloves, sanitizing solution, disinfecting hand rubs.
Project Shompritir Ushnota Winter is the season of celebration and festival for Bangladesh, inversely winter is also the season of suffering for many of us, especially people living in the marginalized community struggle to keep themselves warm from cold weather. Epyllion's core business is producing cloths, our produced clothes become the reason of happiness to people in different corners of the world.
Like those customers, we want to be the reason for the happiness of our neighbors during winter. Project "ShompritirUshnota" is the reflection of that wish and like in previous years, 2021 we have reached around 2,000 people with warm clothes. This time we selected one of the most southeast districts of Bangladesh Shatkhira where due to salinity number of people with disability is higher. In our socio-economic context, people with disability have inadequate access to education and employment opportunities which create them more vulnerable to poverty. Reaching out to the families with people with disability and watching their innocent smiles is the joy and inspiration for doing more for the community.